Eco-Lomella Pro-Tec Velvet


Thickness: .040 mil

Eco-Lomella Pro-Tec Velvet is a custom digitally printed, PVC-free, high impact sheet wall protection. Supplied in any size up to 4' x 10' rigid sheets with standard velvet texture in .040 thickness. Digitally reverse printed on clear sheet and sealed with protective backer. Provides impact resistance perfect for high volume areas, hospital rooms and hallways, schools, and any environment that requires beautifully printed wall protection. [View Spec Sheet]

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UV Curable
Fire performance characteristics provide engineered PETG wall protection system components identical to those tested in accordance with ASTM E84 for Class A characteristics as such: 1. Flame spread: 25 or less. 2. Smoke developed: 450 or less.
5 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.
Light soil, crayon, pencil lipstick, blood and other mild staining agents can usually be removed by using a soft cloth with mild soap and water. Other cleaners such as Green Works All-Purpose Cleaner or equivalent can also be used. Always scrub with the grain and rinse surface with a clean damp cloth.
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