Eco-Lomella Gold Iridescent Canvas 17 PSA


Thickness: 17 mil

This Eco-Lomella Gold Iridescent Canvas is a 17 mil gold Iridescent canvas fabric which provides an artistic look and durable finish to your graphic or photography. This removable and repositionable backed canvas has a high-quality microsphere adhesive that will not peel off paint or damage walls when removed. [View Spec Sheet]

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100% polyester fabric that's PVC free, lead free, phthalate free, and made in the USA.
Latex and UV Curable
UL Tested ICC IBC (2012) 803.1.1 Class A finish material compliant.
5 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.
Wipe with a clean, damp, soft cloth and use only mild detergents. Do not use active solvent cleaners, tar and bug removers, abrasive cleaners or steel wool as they may harm the print and/or finish of this product.
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